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Artemisa Lab | Ischia

Where shoes are our inspiration

We take shoes personally
& we bring you happiness

Artemisa footwear Lab is established in Italy, situated between the green island of Ischia and the beautiful plateau view of the Vesuvio volcano, at the bay of Naples.

Considered to be the first & only facility throughout the island’s history to engineer and manufacture luxury footwear.

The lab is managed by a family team, with a strong knowledge and working experience of International high-end footwear business. Highly skilled artisans handcrafting shoes for the luxury fashion industry.

The Artemisa collection are produced from start to finished in Italy, with all materials and components being meticulously selected from the most reputable luxury suppliers. This ensures the highest standards that are maintained throughout the process.

Each style is exquisite, sophisticated and hand made with passion, combining innovation and respect for quality and traditions.

The colours and the diversity of materials makes each Artemisa collection special and unique. The feminine shapes and the balance perfection, give the expression of seduction.

Beside their own collection, Artemisa supports International brands and emergining designers, by making their ideas and special projects become a reality.

Antonio Caligiuri , the founder of Artemisa has developed throughout the years for acclaimed celebrities and brands, creating for individuals with a taste of style by earning strong credibility and respect with the likes of: Jessica Alba, Tayler Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sophia Vergara, to name but a few.

Our Testimonial: Artemisa Lab is...


Saw awesome price for the quality. I immediately contacted company via email message asking them to personalise color and fabric to match my outfit for special event. Artemisa service and crafting was amazing. I still feel so special wearing my shoes

Sylvia Spencer

I love Portofino shoes! So comfortable! I received so many compliments whem I wear them!

Emma Collins